Emmanuelle Marshall How it began.

Emmanuelle Marshall How it began.

We officially opened in April 2011 in East Duwilch in a place called ED Warehouse.

An indoor market that offered small businesses the opportunity to start and showcase their business.

We started small eventually generating custom which gave Emmanuelle Marshall the amunition to move into bigger premises borders of Forest Hill/ Sydenham in leafy South East London.

In 2015 Emmanuelle Marshall 235 Dartmouth Road SE26 4QY now had its own brick and motar.

Our aim is to provide good quality shoes to insure that your child/children's feet are looked after.

We realised that there were hardly any places that provided a service of measuring and fitting shoes who offered a variety of shoes which were different,colourful. stylish, cute and quirky

 An enviroment where children felt safe, happy, comfortable and parents were given exceptional customer service. 


Emmanuelle Marshall 





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