Cream Infants and Junior Gloves

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Cream Infants and Junior Gloves

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As a child I remember my mother sewing my gloves to my coat, so I wouldn't lose them.

I liked putting my fingers in each individual finger slot and laughing uncontrollably when ever I got it wrong and sometimes crying with frustration too.

It's amazing how gloves can bring back childhood memories.

The thought of freezing fingers/hands made me miserable

These kids gloves will keep those fingers/hands warm and you have a much happier child.

100% Acrylic

Machine Washable

Please note washing instructions are in the gloves

Ideal for and infant child.

How to use the measurement information:

Please note the measurement guide is not accurate but simply a guide.

Please measure both your child's feet, from the toe to the heel in cm.

Once you have done this look at the chart and see what size your child is.

A reminder, all brands and sizes come up slightly differently. Please read the product descriptions carefully.